Welcome to the EBC Language Institute

Every person is unique. So every student is different. EBC offers you language training geared to who you are and what you need.

Thanks to the skills of our language trainers, who are native speakers, you will learn the language you need. They quickly and efficiently help you to communicate in a foreign language confidently. The time and frequency of your training are set entirely in accordance with your agenda.

Our translation department translates your written texts and our interpreters will assist you during oral meetings.

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EBC for businesses, authorities and individuals

EBC offers businesses and authorities a language training that is geared to the working situation. Specific language, technical, commercial or financial jargon. Language that can be used during phone calls, conference calls, presentations and meetings. For contact at any level: on the work floor, both in the management team and the board; at engineering and HR; at Customer Services and Sales. EBC has a large number of very loyal customers from a wide range of industries: from fruit and vegetables and the chemical industry to the food industry and ship-building. Directors, politicians, journalists and footballers also come to EBC to improve their language skills.

Private individuals who need a language as an expat, for their studies or social contacts are also offered a programme that suits their specific needs.

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